What is HYIP?

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) in most of the definitions you can find in web, HYIP websites are referred to as very high risk investments or even some kind of fraud.
These pages, depending on the naming, can be divided into at least 3 categories, the so-called long-term, mid-term and short-term. Depending on the percentages offered and their service life. As a general rule, the higher the profit percentage, the shorter the running time of the program. The most common payment processors used in HYIP programs are PerfectMoney, Payeer Coinpayments, and Cryptocurrencies.
Programs are also divided into those that pay interest (profits) for a certain period of time, and after its completion, offer a return on capital (the so-called Principal Return) and those that have both your earnings and a partial return in the (hourly, daily) profit capital (the so-called Principal Included). There are also programs that offer an automatic increase in the principal’s capital with money derived from your profits (so-called Compounding).

The programs also offer three types of Withdrawals:

1. Instant – after ordering the withdrawal, the payment processor connected to the script executes your withdrawal immediately showing you its confirmation (Batch ID) with which you can check that your withdrawal is already processed.
2. Manual – the program administrator makes payments manually, approving each one more or less automatically. This process usually takes up to 24-48 hours, although there are also some longer timescales. In some programs, payouts are only made on specific hours / days of the week.
3. Automatic – automatic withdrawals are carried out by the system, where you don’t even have to send a request for withdrawal. The system simply sends you the payment after being charged.
For items 1 and 2 you must send a withdrawal request from your admin panel.

HYIP programs always offer the possibility of additional earnings through the Referral Program or Affiliate Program. For people who join from your referral link, you get a commission from a few to several percent.

Unfortunately, most “admins” websites of this type are based on a financial pyramid, especially the so-called Ponzi Scheme, in which payouts of investors’ profits are covered with money contributions from newly joining members.
Most of the HYIP programs, often offering completely unrealistic profits, reaching several dozen percent a day, are amateur sites that do not convince you to invest in their quality. These are projects of various people who want to take out any amount of deposits and disappear by their actions. It can be safely assumed that websites of this type constitute at least 90% of all operating. I often warn against such projects on my blog in the WARNINGS section.

Let’s take a look at the remaining, smaller numbers of this statement. There is a certain elite among HYIP Administrators, however. People who approach the subject professionally, create professional websites, invest investor’s funds, conduct professional advertising campaigns and finally allow you to earn big money in a relatively short time.
Programs prepared in this way are primarily an investment on the part of the administrator, launching a professional program can cost tens of thousands of dollars.
HYIP programs can run continuously for up to several years, giving their participants really impressive returns. In some of them you can withdraw your capital at any time (so-called Piggy Bank), which means that when you hit a good program, you can adopt a strategy that will allow you to win.

It is important to choose the right program. Without proper experience, this can prove very difficult. There are many aspects that can show whether the project will actually earn you.
In the INVEST WITH JACK section, I choose only those programs that I am sure will give us good money. Most often, I know who is behind a given project, and if not, due to many aspects I am able to estimate what to expect from a given project.